Terms and conditions of booking


Bookings cannot be accepted from persons under 18 years of age and we reserve the right to refuse any booking.  Bookings are not transferable to third parties.


Terms and prices stated are per week unless otherwise indicated.


A non-refundable deposit of 25% is required to reserve your booking of Mrs Andrews.  The balance of the holiday must be paid no later than 4 weeks before the start of the holiday. If the full balance is not paid on time then we reserve the right to cancel the holiday booking and retain the deposit as compensation.


Unless otherwise stated in writing, the holiday price will include all charges for water, gas and electricity.


A wireless broadband Internet service is available for use.  It is intended that this service be used primarily for email, downloading small files and “surfing”.   Illegal activity will be reported to the authorities.


The number of persons using the property shall not normally exceed 4 adults (and children must be over 10 years of age).  By prior agreement a 5th person may be able to sleep in the property.


If the hirer wishes to hold any function or celebrations exceeding this limit they must seek permission.


The accommodation shall be for family use only, not for youth groups or student parties.


We reserve the right to access the property at any reasonable time during your occupancy.


Smoking is not permitted in any part of the property.


The hirer must not use the accommodation or allow its use for any dangerous, offensive, noisy, illegal or immoral activities, or cause annoyance to any neighbours.


The hirer and their party must comply with any reasonable regulations relating to the accommodation of which the hirer has written notice.  Such regulations may be found in our welcome folder and include information regarding parking, waste disposal, recycling etc.


Except as indicated below, we cannot be held responsible for loss or damage, or for injury sustained by the hirer or members of their party during their stay at the property.  We exclude liability for loss or damage to any belongings, or for death or injury sustained to the hirer or members of their party during their stay, except to the extent that such injury or loss or damage to any belongings is caused by the negligence or default or breach of the owners of any duty.


The hirer shall be liable for and indemnify the owner against any liabilities, damages, claims, costs, losses and expenses incurred or paid by the owners arising from the hirers use or occupation of the accommodation which arise from any breach by the hirer of his or her obligations under the agreement or from any negligence or wilful default of the hirer.


Arrival and departure times must be adhered to.  They form part of the booking conditions and any stay that extends over this period may be subject to a charge being made for additional days.  Arrival time is as stated in the hirers arrival instructions and departure time is by 10.30am on the last day of the holiday.  On occasion these arrival and departure times may be altered with prior agreement.


The hirer will be issued a set of keys for the property on arrival.  These must be returned as per instructions on the departure date.  Failure to return these keys will incur the cost of changing the locks.


Please check all booking details carefully when confirmation is received and notify us of any discrepancies immediately.


The letting is made on the basis that the property is fit for purpose.  In the unlikely event that that the property is damaged or rendered uninhabitable,

we reserve the right to cancel the booking with a full refund.


Cancellation.  If the hirer has to cancel or change the booking please notice us by telephone as soon as possible.  This should also be confirmed in writing.  All deposits paid are non-returnable and the hirer will be liable for the full cost of the rental if there is less than 4 weeks before the start of the holiday.


We reserve the right to ask the hirer to leave the property (without compensation) if there is a serious breach of these booking conditions.


Paddy Mannion and Jonathan Miles 07801 285958 / 07754 098069


Mrs Andrews, 12 Victoria Road, Cambridge, CB4 3DU